Danish PastriesLarge Steak Pasty
Cream Slice Jam Doughnuts
Custard Slice Cream Doughnuts
Puff Pastry Iced and Sugar Chelsea’s
Eccles Iced Buns
Current Slice Cream Buns
Apple Slice Bath Buns
Raspberry Slice Danish Pastries
Mince Slice Rock Cakes
Flapjack Plain Belgium Buns
Flapjack Flavoured
Australian Crunch Plain
Fresh Cream
Australian Crunch Flavoured Apple Puffs and Cream
Choc. Devil Slice Éclairs/Chox Buns
Toffee Slice Cream Slice
Carmel Slice Meringue
Easter Biscuits Doughnuts
Custard Tart Cream Buns
Filled Rolls & Sandwiches
Small rolls Large Steak Pasties
French sticks cut into 4 Pasties (Meat and Veg.)
French sticks cut into 3 Pasties (Cheese)“   “  Lamb and Mint Breakfast Pasty
Specials Sausage Roll
Baps Steak and Kidney Pie
Sandwiches Bacon Savouries BBQ New Yorkers
Spanish Rolls Sausage Savouries
Pizza stick Mexican Flaps
Small Pizza Chicken and Mushroom
Breakfast Brunchy
Scotch Eggs
Large and Small Granary Round and long rolls
Large and Small White Small cottage Roll
Large and Small Brown Spanish Roll
Large and Small Cottage Bridge Roll
Large and Small Cob
Bloomer (Saturdays)
French Stick
Large and Small Crusty Herb loaf
Cheese and onion loaf
Fruit bread